What our Customers say...


They were very professional and focused in their approach. Thank you for your prompt attention to our issue.

Great!!! I will be glad to recommend if ever needed!

Had it not been for Rob, a whole string of things would not have happened. Mr. Logan stated that he will be sending business to SERVPRO because Rob went that extra mile and helped him when he needed it most. He was able to close on the house in the time he wanted and is very grateful for the assistance.

Jeff Rice was very helpful!

Jeff was super friendly and made this experience with SERVPRO awesome!

Professional and very thorough.

Everyone was nice and professional.

New facility is top of the line which will only make our customers experience in the event of a loss a little easier to deal with.

Great job. We have been very impressed with your professionalism, courtesy and fast response.

It's hard to improve this excellent service! Bill and the weekend help were amazing & super friendly!

I enjoyed working with you over the last few weeks. You and your team are top notch! You made the cleanup process look effortless. The overall finished product is quite impressive. As weird as it sounds, I hope we get to work together in the future. Thanks for everything!

Mark and Chris were very kind and professional. They were always willing to explain the process and provided updates throughout the process. They were very understanding of my work schedule.

The staff was very knowledgeable and kept me informed throughout the process. Bill, Chris and Ron were very helpful and accessible.

Professional and courteous!

Ms. Tammy was a real treat. She fixed my daughter's room extra special each day. My daughter thought they were there just to fix her room. 

I can't say enough about the technicians from SERVPRO of Birmingham North. They showed up in no time after being called. Their service was stellar, and they treated my family with the utmost respect. Water issues aren't pleasant, and I was very upset at the time that they arrived, but each person that came in to help offered nothing but positive comments, and assured me that everything was going to be alright. They went above and beyond to call, email, monitor and do what was best for us during the entire process, and for that we're extremely grateful! If you ever need help during a water emergency, don't hesitate to call them!

Great Company. One of the most hardest working teams I ever seen. Owners are very trustworthy!!

The carpet crew made a huge impact on me with their professionalism and quality of work.

The process was great! The people were great!

Service was great, employees were very kind and courteous 

I would like to tell you what a wonderful experience I have just had with your company. During the downpour this morning, water backed up onto my porch (enclosed) and threatened to come into my den. A call to SERVPRO and two young men, Huck & Adam, came to my rescue. They then sent Darin and Hunter to come to take care of my porch and also my basement. I have called several people who are going to look at my situation, and hopefully, to tell me what to do in the future. Thank you again and again for not only to be as willing to help me but also for the caring service people. 


I am a satisfied customer. The people from SERVPRO seem to really care about the customer's feelings. they are so genuine in their concern. Great job. I would recommend SERVPRO to others without hesitation.

I would highly recommend. Very pleasant to have in my home. Work was up high standards, pleasant to know!


Group was efficient, professional & customer oriented.


They each were courteous and prompt with checking in during the whole process. Robert came by after 9pm to make sure I was taken care of. 


What wonderful job Jodi is doing! My job just took off when Jodi took charge. Jodi's outstanding personality makes her so nice to work with, I appreciate her.


All of the SERVPRO people I had dealings with were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. They also were respectful of our house, possessions and family. They were very good about giving us the right information to help us make decisions and get through our crisis.


Bill and Ernesto were so good to us. Kind and professional.

Very courteous and knowledgeable. 


Phillip and Tim were graciously complementary of our team and the quality of work we produce for them. They specifically mentioned the high level of communication, expertise and professionalism that David Hyde has shown them this year. They were very complementary of all the production crews that have worked on site for them as well. The bottom line is they use us because they trust us. -Huck



Awesome staff and awesome service always provided to our insureds. SERVPRO of Birmingham takes care of our customers in the manner I would want to be treated and taken care of!

Had some water damage to my basement/den area from my washing machine. SERVPRO contacted me immediately. A nice gentleman by the name of Bill Van Deren was at my residence within an hour. He assessed the damage, had a crew come out, strip carpets, walls, etc. even came back every day to see if all the water dried up. Very impressed!!!! I highly recommend SERVPRO

Thanks for the remarkable way your employees packed and unpacked for me. They were courteous, professional and their attitudes were outstanding.